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Sandwich Prep Tables (189)

Sandwich prep coolers are made from stainless steel and boast a sturdy construction that will withstand the conditions of commercial kitchens.

Pizza Prep Tables (61)

Pizza prep tables are versatile commercial kitchen equipment that will streamline your pizza preparation, assembly, and service by creating a multi-functional pizza prep station.

Sandwich and salad prep tables are versatile commercial refrigeration equipment designed to provide a safe and functional space to prepare salads and sandwiches. These salad and sandwich prep tables are, in fact, a combined commercial kitchen utility that merges a working counter, embedded refrigerated food storage, and an undercounter refrigerator.

Sandwich and salad prep tables primarily serve to streamline the sandwich or salad assembly with its intelligent features and contribute to the growth and profitability of your business by maximizing customer satisfaction. Whether you run a convenience store selling sandwiches or a large-scale commercial kitchen serving thousands of salads and sandwiches a day, sandwich and salad prep tables will be a great addition to your establishment.

You can place the sauces, toppings, pre-made products, herbs, or other ingredients that will go into the sandwiches or salads in the food pans and put them into the refrigerated food holding point. Hence, you can always reach the ingredients without going to the central refrigeration. Additionally, the sandwich prep fridge will provide a safe space to store the extra stocks.Some salad and sandwich station models also have a large working space on the top to enable you to chop, slice, or grate the ingredients or assemble the salads and sandwich orders. It’s possible to extend the working space with an additional epoxy cutting board.
The built-in cooler of the sandwich and salad refrigerators offers ample space to keep you stocked with the necessary ingredients, sauce, and condiments to keep them free from bacteria growth and mold while allowing you to catch up with the orders rapidly.

Available Features for Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables
Sandwich and salad prep tables are available in various configurations to perfectly match your layout and meet your needs. Firstly, sandwich prep refrigerators can be found in different sizes ranging from 24 and 27-inch sandwich prep tables to the larger 48 sandwich prep tables and the 60-inch sandwich prep tables up to 93inch.

Additionally, they have different access types, including drawer swinging doors or combined models. You can make a selection among the 1, 2, or 3 door prep fridges for smaller needs.

Pizza Prep Tables:
Pizza prep tables are versatile commercial kitchen equipment that will streamline your pizza preparation, assembly, and service by creating a multi-functional pizza prep station. Pizza prep tables comprise a working top and a food compartment installed on cooler storage at the bottom. Therefore, these units, like the Beverage-Air pizza prep tables, are of great use for pizzerias, restaurants, and cafes by providing a secure storage place for pre-made pizza ingredients and a smooth surface to assemble your pizza.

As a result of their well-thought designs and abovementioned features, pizza prep tables such as the True pizza prep tables bring remarkable advantages for your business:

Pizza prep tables shorten the pizza assembly process by keeping everything necessary next to you on your working counter.
These indoor and outdoor pizza prep tables provide additional cooled storage under the counter to keep you supplied with fresh ingredients, sauce, and toppings.
Pizza prep stations allow you to chop and prepare the necessary ingredients as you easily use the cutting board on them.
The chilled and closed food rail will ensure your ingredients and toppings will maintain their freshness for more extended periods.

Available Features for Pizza Prep Tables

1. Work Surface of Pizza Prep Tables
Pizza prep tables are equipped with different worktops. Some models come with a plain stainless steel working top, while the granite pizza prep tables offer a granite countertop. You can also find pizza prep tables with epoxy cutting boards.

2. Access Type
Pizza prep tables also have undercounter refrigerators to put additional stocks of ingredients to keep them fresh. These refrigerators can be purchased with swinging doors or drawers, or both. The food rails also have lid options such as lift top and sliding.

3. Mount Type
The refrigeration systems of the pizza prep tables need to suck air from the outside to cool down the inside, just like other cooling units. Therefore, you should leave some space for the compressor to take enough air (about 5 inches from the walls and other equipment) and ensure that there is enough space on the floor.

So you carefully select the pizza prep table and the location of the compressor, which are installed as side or rear-mounted. Most of the units in our inventory are self-contained, side-mounted, and get their air intake from the front.

4. Capacity
The refrigerated pizza prep tables are available in different capacities ranging from 35″ to 119″ to meet your varying volume needs. Additionally, you can prefer 1 or 2-door pizza prep tables for a smaller amount of ingredient storage or opt to purchase a larger model like 3 door pizza prep table or 48 pizza prep table and a 60-inch pizza prep table for mid-volume needs. You can also find pizza prep table coolers with 9 drawers or 4 doors for the needs of high-traffic pizzerias and restaurants.